Rewarding Innovation.

Is a shortage of cash blocking your company's creative potential?
SR&ED benefits can cut R&D (Research and Development) costs in half for Canadian tech companies.
Getting access to government funding shouldn't be complicated or time-consuming.

What is SR&ED?

Quality Matters.

What you don't know about the SR&ED program can cost you money.
Done correctly, it can be a source of funding year after year.
Learn 7 key tips for successful SR&ED claims.

Success Factors

Our process.


We will review your company’s activities, identify eligible R&D work and qualify your expenses.


We will provide customized templates and assist you to assemble all required technical and financial information.


We will train management and staff on the requirements of the SR&ED program and best practices for time and record-keeping systems.


We will stay in touch with CRA throughout the entire approval process including all aspects of the audit, should there be one.

Research, Returned.

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Our Team

  • Michael Obregon
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  • Tom Stasiewski
  • Shanon Obregon
Our SR&ED consultants have over 50 years of collective experience working at CRA, so we have a deep understanding of the SR&ED program.
We’ll free up your time to do what you do best - run your business.

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