We are Research Returns.

Research Returns is a British Columbia based team of highly knowledgeable and experienced consultants specializing in SR&ED government funding applications.

Who we are.

We are passionate about helping innovative Canadian companies
gain access to, and
the complexities of CRA’s SR&ED tax incentive program.

We have over 50 years of collective experience as former auditors and SR&ED technical and financial reviewers at CRA.
We would be delighted to help you reach your goals by demystifying and simplifying the SR&ED program for you.
We pride ourselves on delivering quality service with proven results.

Michael Obregon

Founder | SR&ED Advisor

Michael founded Research Returns in 2008 and has a proven track record of helping innovative companies succeed with their SR&ED applications. He leads all aspects of the Research Returns claim preparation process with an eye to excellence. Customizing best practices for documenting claims to meet client needs, and surviving a CRA audit, are additional areas of expertise.

Helene Spacek

Senior Technical Advisor

From 1996 to 2015, Helene was a lead SR&ED technical specialist at the CRA, reviewing and assisting with thousands of SR&ED projects for hundreds of Canadian software, games, mobile, multimedia, telecommunications, and information technology companies. Helene was an early adopter and champion of CRA’s advisory services, designed to help technology companies make successful SR&ED claims. She also taught dozens of SR&ED seminars targeting all industries.

Tom Stasiewski

Senior Financial Advisor

Tom handles all the financial and accounting aspects of an SR&ED application. He brings over 40 years experience in finance and tax, 36 of which were as an auditor at the CRA. He has extensive knowledge of the SR&ED program, as well as tax policy, CRA Appeals, tax jurisprudence, International tax, and transfer pricing.

Shanon Obregon

SR&ED Assistant

Our multi-talented in-house designer and office manager keeps all of our processes on track and running smoothly. With a background in technical writing and editing, and an eye for detail, Shanon is an invaluable resource for our team.

We believe…

There is a correct amount for your claim, and accuracy is important.

The SR&ED program is vital for small, innovative companies.

Getting access to funding shouldn’t be complicated or time consuming.

In tailoring our methods to be compatible with your workflow and constraints.