The Research Returns Advantage.

Trust a proven process with a 100% success rate.

How we work.

Research Returns offers a comprehensive service designed to optimize your entitlements to the SR&ED program.

Our goal is to help you make successful SR&ED applications that are processed quickly and with minimum disruption to your business.


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To ensure your benefits are optimized, we will meet with you to:

  • review your company’s project activities,
  • identify eligible R&D work,
  • identify qualified R&D expenses.


We will ensure your SR&ED application is submitted correctly and on time, and:

  • provide customized, easy-to-use templates to document your projects,
  • assist you to assemble all required technical and financial information,
  • coordinate with your accountant,
  • prepare and submit all required federal and provincial government forms.


We will enhance your understanding of SR&ED, and:

  • train key management and staff on the requirements of the SR&ED program,
  • demystify the complexities of the SR&ED program,
  • coach staff on best practices for time and effort record-keeping and document management systems.


Once your SR&ED application has been submitted to CRA, we will:

  • remain in contact with CRA throughout their entire approval process, including all aspects of the audit, if there is one,
  • advise and assist you, should CRA request additional information or a meeting,
  • advise you on your rights to make sure you are treated fairly by CRA.

Our team of SR&ED consultants at Research Returns works with you every step of the way.

1 We are dedicated to working with you to identify all eligible SR&ED work and qualifying expenses.

2 Our clients are coached so that SR&ED claims are prepared in the manner that CRA expects.

3 We stay up-to-date on changes to CRA’s policies and procedures and relevant court cases, and how they will affect you, so you don’t have to.